Saturday, February 16, 2013

Story of Love

This past Sunday afternoon while baking cookies with our little ones the phone rang.  Minutes later we found ourselves huddled together in prayer over a baby that could potentially be born in the near future under very difficult circumstances.  Our hearts were hopeful yet cautious.  We could walk through an open door and watch God work or we could remain comfortably still.  So after much prayer and many tears we decided to walk through the door that GOD had opened before us.  Just two days later the phone rang again and we learned that we had been chosen to be the parents of that baby!  It was a boy and he had entered the world just hours before!  He had arrived about six weeks early, but weighed 5 lb. 6 oz. and was doing very well!  And now after only a few days of life he is already exceeding everyone's expectations!  God has begun to write a beautiful story of love upon this precious new life and is pouring out His strength on us as we trust Him alone as the perfect author.  Amazing grace!    

Soren ~ Ronn's great great grandfather
River ~ chosen by his birth mother
James ~ Ronn's middle name



naomi said...

Ah! this is good news! welcome baby boy!

EH Work Team said...

Yeah. So happy for you guys. I can't to meet him.

Dana said...

What a praise!!

Joan said...

Oh so happy for you all! What a precious little guy! Sure miss you and love to see your updates.