Friday, April 2, 2010

After Six Months of Silence

No apologies, just pictures!

We celebrated Brielle's SIX years of life in December!

Just two days before Christmas Titus became an official Goodnough - such a wonderful Christmas gift for our family!

First haircut
(After cutting his father's hair for the past ten years I jokingly said I would not commit myself to another head of hair -one man's head is surely enough for a busy mother! But I was coerced into trying it and he proved to be such a good sport that I'll probably do it again... probably.)
Doing what he does best - moving a chair into the perfect climbing position.

The anemone at the zoo

Sisterly affection

Springtime at the park

More home improvement underway

Our little fashionista doing her favorite thing

The anticipation of the Tooth Fairy was so great that we were awakened four times in the night by our little sweetie! She is now vigorously wiggling tooth number two.