Saturday, February 16, 2013

Story of Love

This past Sunday afternoon while baking cookies with our little ones the phone rang.  Minutes later we found ourselves huddled together in prayer over a baby that could potentially be born in the near future under very difficult circumstances.  Our hearts were hopeful yet cautious.  We could walk through an open door and watch God work or we could remain comfortably still.  So after much prayer and many tears we decided to walk through the door that GOD had opened before us.  Just two days later the phone rang again and we learned that we had been chosen to be the parents of that baby!  It was a boy and he had entered the world just hours before!  He had arrived about six weeks early, but weighed 5 lb. 6 oz. and was doing very well!  And now after only a few days of life he is already exceeding everyone's expectations!  God has begun to write a beautiful story of love upon this precious new life and is pouring out His strength on us as we trust Him alone as the perfect author.  Amazing grace!    

Soren ~ Ronn's great great grandfather
River ~ chosen by his birth mother
James ~ Ronn's middle name


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It’s been two years.  Two years of wondering when we’ll get “the call.”  Two years of wanting to plan, but holding ourselves back.  Two years of praying for a baby that is yet unknown to us.  In those two years I have often prayed for the woman who will carry our child in her womb.  And lately those prayers have produced tears.  Not just tears over what we are being asked to wait for, but tears over a woman who will be making a most amazing and selfless decision.  Each time I think of adoption I am awe struck.  In a world where abortion is accepted and accessible, it is truly a miracle of God that a woman with an unplanned pregnancy in a difficult situation would choose life.  And truly more miraculous that she would choose to place that child in the arms of another.  Each one of our three children represent this miracle and when I think of it I am overwhelmed!
And though I never would have chosen this waiting, I am grateful for it.  I am grateful for the chance to revisit those thoughts of gratitude and amazement.  I am grateful to be praying for God's grace to wash over a woman that I have yet to meet.  The words thank you seem entirely inadequate, but I am so eager to say those words to the woman who will abundantly bless our family.  I am so eager to share with this little one just how much his birth mother loves him, just how much I love him, and just how much the God of the universe loves him.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life outside the city

We said we wouldn't do it again
(buy another old house to renovate, that is) but...
we just couldn't resist it's charm!
So fun to build new memories within these (hundred year) old walls!

A sharp contrast from our life on a city block.
After some interior renovation most of our spring and summer was spent doing this...
And this...
But of course we made time for this...
ferry rides
a family reunion
family additions (the new brothers, Mr. Bingly and Mr. Willoughby)
birthday parties ("Pirate Pete" always seems to find his way to our birthday parties!)
and an anniversary (12 amazing years of friendship and romance!)
And fall began with our Brielle attending school for the first time after a two year homeschool adventure. So far so good...
And the fun continues
(cousins at the patch)
We are thoroughly enjoying living life near family
and building relationships with many old and new friends!
God is good. We are blessed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

After Six Months of Silence

No apologies, just pictures!

We celebrated Brielle's SIX years of life in December!

Just two days before Christmas Titus became an official Goodnough - such a wonderful Christmas gift for our family!

First haircut
(After cutting his father's hair for the past ten years I jokingly said I would not commit myself to another head of hair -one man's head is surely enough for a busy mother! But I was coerced into trying it and he proved to be such a good sport that I'll probably do it again... probably.)
Doing what he does best - moving a chair into the perfect climbing position.

The anemone at the zoo

Sisterly affection

Springtime at the park

More home improvement underway

Our little fashionista doing her favorite thing

The anticipation of the Tooth Fairy was so great that we were awakened four times in the night by our little sweetie! She is now vigorously wiggling tooth number two.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


If becoming a family of five wasn't enough of a change for the year, we have added another one - we are now a homeschooling family! We have never been opposed to any schooling option, but have always said that we would take it year by year and allow our family dynamic and the needs of each child to determine our decision. So, as our Brielle has grown and changed over the years we have constantly discussed the best option for her and finally came to the conclusion that six and a half hours away from home each day would be a little much for our sensitive natured girl. So here we are doing kindergarden at home! I can't say that it's been a breeze, but I can say that we have all been enjoying it more than I had anticipated. Elaina has joined right in and her little three-year-old mind is absorbing much of what Brielle is learning!

If anyone is wondering how Titus has been faring in the nighttime hours, we would have to say that we are still praying for change in that area! Things have gotten a tiny bit better since reducing his nap schedule and moving him into his own room complete with a lovely white noise machine and a warm radiator, but we are probably going to have to take away his beloved nighttime bottles before we see more significant improvement - something that we're not looking forward to! Regardless of this little issue, he continues to charm us and seems to be getting sweeter every day. He is quite a proficient walker now, is learning sign language, and will be celebrating his first birthday at the end of the month - hard to believe!

Here are some photos to catch you up on the changes of the past few months. Enjoy...

June brought with it our sweet Elaina's third birthday!

July brought many wonderful visits to our parents' homes and lots of fun in the bay with Papa Bill! My parents live next to the same piece of property where my Dad grew up and where I was also raised - such a blessing to share this dear place with our children!

July also brought a wonderful visit from our friends, the Newtons. Our years in Texas are filled with many sweet memories with these dear friends. Friends who continue to set a beautiful example living an intentional Christ-centered, others-focused life! Thanks for a great visit, John and Darcie!!

August brought the most exciting event of the year, of course - the arrival of our precious son, Titus!

August also brought another cousin into the family! My brother, Billy and his wife, Andrea welcomed Liam to the world on the very same day that we arrived home from Korea with Titus! Two grandsons in one day for my parents! And my brother, Mark and his wife, Heather welcomed Cole in March of this year. That makes three boy cousins within nine months of each other - what a sweet blessing from our good God!

And last, but not least, August brought our ten year anniversary! The day of our celebration came only two weeks after returning from Korea so we happily brought Titus along on our Port Townsend visit. The day was spent eating great food, seeing beautiful sights, and reminiscing about the past ten years of our sweet friendship and God's amazing goodness to us! Apart from God Himself, our greatest joy has been the gift of each other!

We are so thankful to have Uncle Luke and Aunt Karen back in the Northwest! Congratulations to both of them on their graduations from Covenant Theological Seminary!!

What could be better than a ride on Papa's shoulders and a smooth, bald head to rest on? :)

Our twentieth try (literally) at getting a new Goodnough family portrait!
God has been so very good to our family! We are blessed beyond words!