Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Since then...

Since our last post in September, which covered June, we've enjoyed many blessings. Sorry for the delay, we hope you enjoy...

Fashion is very important in our home... one of several outfits donned by Elaina in a given day!

Summer crafts at Mimi Lulu's

It's a hard life - the summer knees of our active little ladies!

Mmmmm, fudgesicles at Mimi's!

After the kids go to bed we spend quality time together... rousing conversations!

Each summer, Sadie (Elizabeth's sister) spends some extended quality time with us - it's always a treat to have her all to ourselves for a while!

This lady, Gramma 'Laine, has been a powerful influence in my (Ronn's) life. As a teenager I spent many late nights talking with her about life and Jesus

Elizabeth's October excursion - meeting up with dear friends (college roommates) for days and nights of uninterrupted conversation, fabulous food, and sweet fellowship in San Francisco

An excursion to the park during Elizabeth's absence - Ronn did a fabulous job and even learned to fix both heads of curls! Although he did enlist the help of the grandparents for part of the time!

At the patch in Puyallup (pew-al-up)

A productive December as we renovated our guestroom/playroom

I'm only allowed to wear this shirt in the house. This picture is dedicated to my friend, Matt Stanley, who inspired me with a very similar creation (he actually wore his out of the house).

The result of our efforts...

Our Decembers are filled with many birthday celebrations...Jesus, Brielle, Elizabeth, Elizabeth's brother Joey, our niece Claire, and Elizabeth's mom

There's a little taste of our life since the last post in September. Hope it was worth the wait!