Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Increasing anticipation

Our mail slot has become the source of great excitement these days!  Peeking under it this past Friday revealed more unexpected good news - Titus' paperwork passed through the National Visa Center in record time!  Instead of sitting there for two to four weeks (the standard time frame), it was in and out in just over a week!  The last thing on the agenda now is his visa and passport.  As soon as that is issued we will receive our travel call!  Perhaps we will be traveling in June, maybe even EARLY June!  So... we made a trip to the consignment shop and brought home a fun bundle of 6-12 month size BOY clothes.  After shopping in girls' apparel for the past five years, it is great fun to search through shades of blues and greens!  

The drawers are filled, the crib is made, and this lonely rocking chair is ready for a baby!  Please pray that it will be in use very SOON!  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Faster than expected...

As I peeked under the mail slot this past Thursday I noticed an envelope from Immigration Services.  Given that we were not expecting this for at least two more weeks, I cautiously opened it thinking it must be a request for more information.  But instead I read the word "approved" on the front page!!  I immediately dialed our program director who said that she was as shocked as I was and told me that we may actually find ourselves on an airplane in just one month!!  It seems that God may want our baby boy to join our family much sooner than we had expected!  Please keep praying with us!   

Monday, May 4, 2009

Awaiting Titus

As we wait for our little Titus we are finding ways to help the time pass more quickly.  Something that was very fun for all of us was putting together a package for him.  We held several photo shoots around our house (see below) to get just the right pictures to place in a baby photo album for him, we picked out a soft, sweet lion for him to cuddle, and we wrote a letter to his foster family expressing our gratitude for their wonderful care of him.  
Please continue to pray with us for patience and for things to move along at the expected pace, or maybe even a little bit faster!  His paperwork is currently in the hands of U.S. Immigration.  It takes about three to six weeks for them to process everything and then it will be passed on to the National Visa Center and remain there for two to four weeks.  When it finally reaches Korea we will wait for him to be issued a Visa and a passport.  Once this occurs we will be given a ten day notice to travel to Korea!  We hope to be on a plane by mid-July, but we know that God's plan is better than ours and we are comforted to know that Titus is resting in HIS arms as we wait for him to be in ours.