Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life outside the city

We said we wouldn't do it again
(buy another old house to renovate, that is) but...
we just couldn't resist it's charm!
So fun to build new memories within these (hundred year) old walls!

A sharp contrast from our life on a city block.
After some interior renovation most of our spring and summer was spent doing this...
And this...
But of course we made time for this...
ferry rides
a family reunion
family additions (the new brothers, Mr. Bingly and Mr. Willoughby)
birthday parties ("Pirate Pete" always seems to find his way to our birthday parties!)
and an anniversary (12 amazing years of friendship and romance!)
And fall began with our Brielle attending school for the first time after a two year homeschool adventure. So far so good...
And the fun continues
(cousins at the patch)
We are thoroughly enjoying living life near family
and building relationships with many old and new friends!
God is good. We are blessed.


Unknown said...

Love you guys! The Dalgleish family

darcie said...

I just love all these pictures and of course a million questions pop in my head as I look at each one. So happy about the lovely new house. blessings (and I'm excited about Brielle's school. we'll pray for her-and you!)

EH Work Team said...

I see behind you, Eli, is a little greenhouse of sorts? So jealous. We saved our old sliding glass door with the hopes to someday have a greenhouse and when we replace out windows we will uses those too. We would love to see the house sometime.